Solar Rail 2100mm

Solar Rail 2100mm

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Reliable, robust roof mounting system with high-quality components designed for the harshest conditions.

Letovo's roof mounting accessories for solar panels ensure quick and convenient installation by providing you with the flexibility to choose between adjustable or fixed type hooks.

Solar Rail 2100mm

Model Name Solar Rail 2100mm
Model.No Ā L116RAIL
Material Al6005-T5,T6
Surface Treatment Anodized
Colour Silver
Max Wind Load 60m/s
Snow Load 1.4KN/m2
Warranty 10 years
Service Life 25 years


Solar Rail 2100mmšŸ‘‰ Enables simple, fast and cost-effective installation

šŸ‘‰ Al6005-T5. High-class anodized aluminium

šŸ‘‰ Fast configuration