4mm2 Two Core Solar Cable

4mm2 Two Core Solar Cable

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Our solar cables are designed specifically for the job, providing a durable and high-performance interconnection solution between photovoltaic panels and the inverter. They're perfect for caravans and homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet clean energy objectives.

These cables are designed specifically for connecting photovoltaic panels to inverters and are built to last.


4mm2 Two Core Solar Cable

Nominal Area of Conductor 4sqmm
Maximum Conductor Resistance at 20°C 4.61Ohm/KM
Thickness of Insulation 0.8mm
Approx. Overall Diameter 4.3mm
Number of cores 2
Length 1 metre or 100 metres
Voltage 0.9-1.8 kV DC/0.6-1 kV AC
Core material Copper
Shealth Colour Black
Sheath Material UV Resistant PVC
Standards TÜV 2PfG 1169/08.07
Temperature -40-+90 deg C
Approx. Gross weight 0.049 kg per metre


4mm2 Two Core Solar Cable


👉 No Fire Propagation

👉 High-temperature rating & Low Smoke Fumes

👉 Halogen Free

👉 UV Resistant

👉 Durable for indoor and outdoor usage

👉 Excellent weathering and abrasion

👉 Resistant to water, chemical and oils

👉 Fully flexible class 5 for ease of installation and stripping